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  • Letra Traducida WHO BARBARA ANN en español

    Vistos 3 Letras Traducidas WHO Ba ba ba, ba Barbara Ann,Ba ba ba, ba Barbara Ann,Barbara Ann, take my hand, Barbara AnnYou've got me rockin' and a'rollin'Rockin' and a'reelin' Barbara AnnI went to a danceLooking for romanceSaw Barbara Ann so I thought I'd take a chanceWith Barbara Ann, Barbara... Ver letra completa
  • Letra Traducida WHO EMINENCE FRONT

    Vistos 82 Letras Traducidas WHO Eminence Front, The Who: Ultimate CollectionWritten by Pete TownshendThe sun shinesPeople forgetThe spray flies as the speedboat glidesPeople forgetForget they're hidingThe girls smilePeople forgetThe snow packs as the skier tracksPeople forgetForget they're hiding.Behind an eminence... Ver letra completa
  • Letra Traducida WHO IT'S NOT ENOUGH

    Vistos 87 Letras Traducidas WHO It's not enoughWhatever you giveA little bit moreYou always needA little more manA little more seedIt's not enoughIt's not enoughWhatever I giveIt's never enoughI gave you cashI gave you loveAll that I heardWas 'It's Not Enough'I work so hardIt gets so toughWhatever I... Ver letra completa
  • Letra Traducida Who Baba Oriley

    Vistos 173 Letras Traducidas Who Out here in the fields I farm for my meals I get my back into my living. I don't need to fight To prove I'm right I don't need to be forgiven. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Don't cry Don't raise your eye It's only teenage wasteland Sally, take my hand We'll travel south cross land Put out the fire And don't look past my shoulder. The exodus is here The happy ones are near Let's get together Before we get much older. Teenage wasteland It's only teenage wasteland. Teenage wasteland Oh, yeah Teenage wasteland They're all wasted!... Ver letra completa