Letras de canciones de ⭐ Ocean Voyager ⭐ , Ya NO Busque más letras mal traducidas aquí tenemos las mejores traducciones de Ocean Voyager en inglés y español.

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Letras de Canciones de Ocean Voyager:

  • Letra Traducida Ocean Voyager Futility

    Vistos 333 Letras Traducidas Ocean Voyager 1898 At a little room Between candle light and a bowl of soup Morgan looks into the mirror Seeing a fairy spirit of his own His eyes are like the Atlantic Upon which a Titan sank a ship The solid block of ice is just a miles Thrown away by a prophet and a poet in 1998 A candle, a mirror And the moment of poet to the nature Upon which to (what does she say here?) Numbers are posing to arrows In front of your fate And prevent you from playing the actual game Time is composed of 2 hands We can move in all directions Humanity's fate Here is your room And within this, your world Without the hands of a clock Beyond time Magic lives and the lots of pleasure Being a man without a mask A Titan sank the Titanic On the chestguard of the Atlantic sea Futility... Ver letra completa