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Letras de Canciones de Natasha Thomas ft. Triple C:

  • Letra Traducida Natasha Thomas ft. Triple C Curious

    Vistos 247 Letras Traducidas Natasha Thomas ft. Triple C I'm checkin' it but I ain't flippin' Takes a lot to get me trippin' Can't deny my heavy breathin' Cause you got me feelin' amorous Gettin' a little adventurous Just wanna get with you is what I'm sayin' I'm a big girl I ain't playin' Want a little piece of heaven You're a little mysterious It's makin' me curious So if you wanna make it Baby come and get it This could be a glorious night If we let it If you wanna get with me Baby come and tell me Got a feelin' you'd know how to please me Baby boy I see you starin' Kinda dig the style you're wearin' Sexy thug you got me swearin' (damn) I'm a little bit glamorous He's a little bit dangerous Tell me where we're gettin' at Cause I know where your head's at Been thinkin' 'bout some of that Cause you're makin' it obvious That you're a little bit curious... Ver letra completa