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Letras de Canciones de Nataly Dawn:

  • Letra Traducida Nataly Dawn I Just Wanted You to Get Old

    Vistos 235 Letras Traducidas Nataly Dawn I just wanted you to get old Like the army green Volvo and the toys we sold Like the books that you read me and the jokes you told I just wanted you to get old I just wanted you to get old Like vacations in Tahoe and your skiing poles The ones I held onto tightly till you said let go Oh I just wanted you to get old And I'm sorry that I never get around To picking up the phone or staying home I swear to God that I must be the worst person I've found Tell me would it be too late to appreciate you I'm so sorry I'm so sorry Cause I still want you to get old Please forgive me I know it doesn't always show But I'll try to be better if you don't let go Oh I just want you to get old... Ver letra completa