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Letras de Canciones de Fail2comply:

  • Letra Traducida Fail2comply Bullet in my teeth

    Vistos 315 Letras Traducidas Fail2comply One bullet I catch between One bullet I catch between my teeth One bullet I ca-a-a- I swear Nightmare I swear Last night was a nightmare I just lied there I could have died there, I swear Woke up as my eyes burnt Another lesson learnt Another morning out this nightmare One last proposition left I feel I've got to let it out and I can’t put my finger on it No, no, I can't put this crosshair on it It's not all for show Threats without control [2x] One second it took to take you down One minute it took to hit the ground One hour left I can't forget this now One life I left to please the crowd Nightmare (One life I left...) One life I left to please the crowd (One life I left [6x]) (One life I left to please the crowd) This time we'll never surren- We'll light the flame- We'll numb the pa- Always the same This time we'll never surrender [2x]... Ver letra completa